GDOCK s.r.o. with registered office at 407 Borovce, 922 09, SLOVAKIA (Business ID: 53226801, Tax ID: 2121308816) as the web page operator (hereinafter “operator”) declares that in order to protect the rights of their clients the operator has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures which ensure the lawful processing of personal data. The operator has also put in place a transparent system for recording security incidents and any questions from a client as well as other persons.

The person concerned can also ask for information by telephone at: +421 948 402 783, by email:, in person at 407 Borovce, 922 09, SLOVAKIA, or on the operator’s website: 

Below we provide information on the processing and protection of personal data in accordance with the Regulation of the EP and the Council of the EU no. 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and Act of the Slovak Republic no. 18/2018 Coll. on Personal Data Protection and on Amendments to Certain Acts (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data Protection Act”).

  1. Operator

GDOCK s.r.o.                                                                                                                                                                 

407 Borovce                                                                                                                                                                       

922 09 BOROVCE, SLOVAKIA                                                                                                                        

Business ID: 53226801                                                                                                                                                

Tax ID: 2121308816

We process your data for our own purposes as an Operator. This means that we determine the purposes for which we collect your personal data, determine the means of processing and are responsible for their proper execution.

  1. A list of our intermediaries and recipients who process your personal data

When you visit our website when filling in the contact form, your data is also processed by another entity, which is in the position of an intermediary or recipient:

Subject Type of service

Účtovníctvo L&P, s.r.o., ID: 51016745                        Accounting services

Angelo di ferro, s.r.o. ID: 50635794                            Creation and service of WEB pages


  1. Purpose of personal data processing

On behalf of GDOCK s.r.o. as an operator, we obtain from you only the data that we really need to provide a full-fledged e-shop service, to provide client and product support, or to handle any complaints that may arise. The purposes of personal data processing in individual process steps are:


  • When communicating with clients by telephone, in person, by electronic / paper mail or via an online contact form, we process data in accordance with Art. 6 par. 1 letter f) GDPR Regulations – of legitimate interest in order to respond to a request / suggestion submitted by you or a question regarding the services and products provided, when it is necessary to verify the relevance of the request, or to make any subsequent contact with you as an affected person
  • In case of expressing interest in our services, when creating an order for services by phone, in person, by e-mail / paper mail or direct purchase via the online storeodu sprawe reverse data in the sense of Art. 6 par. 1 letter b) GDPR regulations – where data processing is necessary to carry out the necessary measures according to your requirements as the customer before concluding and confirming the order, ie during the pre-contractual relationship process – e.g. identification of the client during the creation, definition or modification of the order, determination or change of the address and time of delivery, or addition of other necessary data for closing the order
  • After confirmation of the order, i.e. after the establishment of a contractual relationship between the operator GDOCK s.r.o. and you as the person concerned by the customer/client, the necessary cooperative communication with the client, informing about changes in the order status, final personal delivery, or preparing and issuing a tax document ( invoices) we process data in accordance with Art. 6 par. 1 letter b) GDPR Regulations – where data processing is necessary for the fulfillment of the contractual relationship to which you, as the affected person, are the client
  1. List of personal data processed
  • Information needed to send a message via the online contact form

– Name

– Email address

– Telephone number


  • Data required for order execution

– Name and surname

– Email address

– Address of permanent residence or other correspondence address for delivery of the consignment

– Telephone number

  • Billing information

– Name and surname

– Address of permanent residence or other correspondence address for invoicing purposes

– account number / IBAN


  • Contact details in case of delivery

– Name and surname

– Address of permanent residence or other correspondence address for delivery of the consignment

– Telephone number – for the purpose of confirming the date, time and place of delivery, or in the event of   execution changes in the order

– E-mail address – for the purpose of sending an electronic order confirmation and changing the status of the order, as well as an emergency means of communication if the customer is not available at the telephone number.

  1. Time of processing and storage of your personal data

Your personal data that we have processed or are processing in accordance with Art. 6 par. 1 letter b) GDPR regulations – within the fulfillment of obligations of the operator GDOCK s.r.o. towards customers and clients, we further process in order to fulfill our legal obligations in the field of taxes and accounting, which result from generally binding legal regulations (eg keeping individual accounting records of your confirmed orders and invoicing for the purpose of delivery of selected goods to your contact address in accordance with Act No. 431/2002 Coll., on Accounting, as amended, for cases of proving compliance with tax obligations in accordance with tax legislation, Act No. 595/2003 Coll. on Income Tax, Act No. 563/2009 Coll., on Tax Administration, etc.), we must keep for the period specified by the relevant legal regulations. In any case, we follow the principle of minimizing the retention of personal data in accordance with Art. 5 par. 1 letter e) Regulations of the GDPR and therefore your personal data, which are not subject to archiving according to special legal regulations, will be deleted or anonymized.

Personal data processed in accordance with Art. 6 par. 1 letter f) GDPR Regulations – on the basis of a legitimate interest obtained in response to a request / suggestion submitted by you or a question regarding services provided and products supplied, when it was necessary to verify the relevance of the request or to make a subsequent contact of the client / affected person subsequently transferred to the pre-contractual or contractual relationship are immediately deleted.

As the Operator, we will ensure the deletion of personal data without undue delay after: all contractual relations between you and the Operator have been terminated; and / or

– all your obligations to the Operator have expired; and / or

– all your complaints and requests have been processed; and / or

– all other rights and obligations between you and the Operator have been settled; and / or

– all the processing purposes provided for by law or the processing purposes for which you gave us your consent have been fulfilled, if the processing took place with the consent of the person concerned; and / or

– the period for which the consent was granted has expired or the person concerned has withdrawn his consent; and / or

– the data subject’s request for deletion of personal data has been complied with and one of the grounds justifying that request has been complied with; and / or

– the decisive legal fact for the termination of the purpose of the processing has occurred and at the same time the protection retention period defined with regard to the principle of minimizing the retention period of personal data has expired;

– and at the same time the legitimate interest of the Operator does not persist, all obligations of the Operator stipulated by generally binding legal regulations that require storage of personal data of the data subject (especially for archiving purposes, tax control, etc.) or which could not be fulfilled without their storage have expired.

In no case do we systematically process any accidentally obtained personal data for any purpose defined by us. If possible, we will inform the data subject to whom the personal data obtained by chance belong about their accidental acquisition and, depending on the nature of the case, we will provide him with the necessary cooperation leading to the restoration of control over his personal data. Immediately after these necessary actions aimed at resolving the situation, we will immediately dispose of all accidentally obtained personal data in a safe manner.

If you are interested in further information about the specific retention period of your personal data, please contact us via the contact details provided on our website.

  1. Disclosure of data

The operator shall not disclose the data obtained in any case.

  1. Cross-border transfer of personal data

Cross-border transfer of personal data does not take place.

  1. Rights and obligations of the person concerned
  • The customer is obliged to provide only complete and true data.
  • The customer undertakes to update his data in the event of a change, at the latest before the execution of the first order following the change.
  • The customer undertakes that if he provides personal data of a third party (name, surname, telephone number), he does so only with his consent and the person concerned is acquainted with the procedures, rights and obligations that are listed on this site.

As our client and affected person, you have the right to decide on the handling of your personal data to a specified extent. You can exercise the following rights:                                                                 

  • In person at the contact point of the Operator 407 Borovce, 922 09                                                         
  • Through our customer line: +421 0948 402 783                                                                                           
  • Via e-mail:
  • In writing at the address of the Operator: GDOCK s.r.o., 407 Borovce, 922 09, Slovakia

We will try to respond to you as soon as possible, but we will always reply to you within 30 days of receiving your request. Applicable legal regulations and the GDPR Regulation, resp. The law provides you with in particular:

Right of access– You have the right to ask us to confirm whether your personal data is being processed and, if so, to obtain a copy of this data and the additional information resulting from Art. 15 Regulations, resp. § 21 of the Act. If we collect a large amount of data about you, we may require you to specify your request for a range of specific data that we process about you.

Right of correction– In order for us to constantly process only current personal data about you, we need you to notify us of the change as soon as possible. In the event that we process incorrect data about you, you have the right to request their correction.

Right of deletion– If the conditions of Article 14 of the Regulation, resp. § 23 of the Act, you can request the deletion of your personal data. Therefore, you can request deletion, for example, if you have revoked your consent to the processing of personal data and there is no other legal basis for processing, or if we process your personal data illegally or the purpose for which we processed your personal data and do not process them for another purpose compatible purpose. However, we will not delete your data if it is necessary to prove, assert or defend legal claims.

Right to restrict processing– If the conditions of Article 18 of the Regulation, resp. § 24 of the Act, you may require us to restrict the processing of your personal data. You can therefore request a restriction, for example, while you object to the accuracy of the data being processed or if the processing is illegal and you do not want us to delete the data, but you need the processing to be restricted while you exercise your rights. We continue to process your data if there are grounds for proving, asserting or defending legal claims.

Right of portability– If the processing is based on your consent or performed for the purpose of fulfilling a contract concluded with you and at the same time performed by automated means, you have the right to receive from us your personal data obtained from you in a commonly used machine-readable format. If you are interested and it is technically possible, we will transfer your personal data directly to another operator. It shall not be possible to exercise this right for processing performed for the purpose of performing a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority.

Right to object to processing– If we process your personal data for the performance of a task performed in the public interest or in the exercise of public authority entrusted to us, or if the processing is performed on the basis of our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party, you have the right to object to such processing. Based on your objection, we will restrict the processing of personal data and we will not continue to process personal data and we will delete your personal data unless we demonstrate compelling legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms or grounds for proving, asserting or defending legal claims. You have the right at any time to object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes, including profiling, to the extent that it relates to such direct marketing.

Right to lodge a complaint– If you believe that the processing of your personal data is in conflict with the Regulation, resp. By law, you have the right to lodge a complaint with one of the competent supervisory authorities, in particular in the Member State of your habitual residence, the place of work or the place of the alleged infringement. For the territory of the Slovak Republic, the supervisory body is the Office for Personal Data Protection, with its registered office at: Hraničná 4826/12, 820 07 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, web:, tel .: +421 / 2/3231 3220.

The right to withdraw consent– If the processing of your personal data is based on consent, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the processing already carried out. If at any time you later decide that you are interested in receiving business and marketing offers about our products and services from us again, you may give your revoked consent (or objection) at any time, using any of the above forms of contact.


  1. Contact details of the Office and the responsible person

Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic


Hraničná 12

820 07, Bratislava 27

Slovak republic

Business ID: 36 064 220


Filing office:

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 15:00

Friday: 08:00 to 14:00


Telephone consultations in the field of personal data protection:

Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 12:00 +421 2 323 132 20

Secretariat of the President of the Office +421 2 323 132 11

Office Secretariat +421 2 323 132 14 

Fax: +421 2 323 132 34


mobile: 0910 985 794



E-mail :

(a) in general: 

  1. b) for the provision of information pursuant to Act no. 211/2000 Coll
  2. c) website:
  3. d) for submitting requests for the provision of information pursuant to Act no. 211/2000 Coll. on free access to information, use the online form.
  4. e) email address through which the Office will provide you with advice in the field of personal data protection. It is intended for children, young people, students, teachers, parents who suspect that their personal data has been


A model application to initiate personal data protection proceedings can be found on the Office’s website (


  1. Website security 

Web seat afteruses an encrypted SSL connection for any user connection and transmission of any data, which prevents third parties from accessing the transmitted data during their transmission on the Internet and the modification of such data by third parties. The operator’s databases containing personal data are protected by encryption and non-public access data in accordance with the latest technical standards.

  1. Principles of using cookies

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